The Colquitt County Arts Center has 4 galleries.  The Vereen Gallery, The McCall Gallery, The Contemporary Gallery, and The Traverse Gallery.

The Vereen Gallery hosts 4 different exhibits a year.

The McCall Gallery generally exhibits pieces of art from the Frank McCall, Jr. Collection that was donated by Frank McCall, Jr. and his family.

The Contemporary Gallery is made up of mostly collected pieces of artwork from previous exhibits at the Arts Center and The Traverse Gallery is an ever changing scene of artwork from our Artist Guild Members to artwork from our art students.

The exhibits are free to look at, so please feel free to drop by and enjoy what we have to offer.

Hometown Teams_Poster_FNL poster copy

HomeTown Teams Schedule of Events

 April 1st – 30th“Home Town Teams” at the Colquitt County Library

A preview of the exhibit highlighting sports and athletes that have impacted our community will be at the Colquitt County Library. Get ready for the exhibit by checking out some books on the Home Town Teams’ reading list!

Friday, May 11th: Special Olympics

Opening Ceremonies begin at 9:30am at the Football Stadium. Games take place at the football

stadium, practice field, rec department and YMCA.

Saturday, May 20th at 10:00 am – Demo Diving at Moose Moss Farms

Sponsored by the Barbeque Pitt! Come and join us at the Moose Moss Farms Diving Well for a special diving demonstration and then the Moultrie Recreational Pool will be open for you and your family to come enjoy a swim!

Thursday, May 25th at 2 pm – Sports Movie Matinee at the Arts Center

Come join us for an afternoon movie with popcorn and coke! The Colquitt County Arts Center will be showing the movie “Slow Moe” on the big screen in our auditorium.

“Slow Moe – An awkward teenage boy’s dream comes true when he finds a mysterious pair of glasses that turns him into the greatest baseball player his town has ever seen. He quickly learns that winning doesn’t mean anything if you can’t be proud of how you play the game.”

Coming July 15th

Artists of Georgia Art Competition

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    • Great Taylor, we will look forward to seeing you. It is a fabulous exhibit.

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