The Colquitt County Arts Center has 4 galleries.  The Vereen Gallery, The McCall Gallery, The Contemporary Gallery, and The Traverse Gallery.

The Vereen Gallery hosts 4 different exhibits a year.

The McCall Gallery generally exhibits pieces of art from the Frank McCall, Jr. Collection that was donated by Frank McCall, Jr. and his family.

The Contemporary Gallery is made up of mostly collected pieces of artwork from previous exhibits at the Arts Center and The Traverse Gallery is an ever changing scene of artwork from our Artist Guild Members to artwork from our art students.

The exhibits are free to look at, so please feel free to drop by and enjoy what we have to offer.

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Colquitt County Arts Center Presents
“Georgia Artists with Disabilities”
June 15th—July 14th, 2017

In the Traverse Gallery

Forty-five award-winning pieces of art from disabled artists across Georgia will be on exhibit.

“Georgia Artists with Disabilities continues to be an avenue that allows hundreds of disabled artists to achieve recognition and commercial opportunities for their unique pieces of art,” said Ann Brooks, GAWD chair.

“We’re proud to be an advocate for the disabled in communities across Georgia and honored to put their art on display every year for the public to see and enjoy.”


The Georgia Artists Exhibition features 150 pieces of 2D and 3D artwork from local artists and from the Georgia Artists with Disabilities. The artwork fills both the Vereen gallery and Traverse galleries.