Digital Art & Design

Fleetwood Game Design Lab

Students will learn how to use technology to create both 2D and 3D works of art.
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Digital Art
Elementary School
Thursdays 4:30 pm –  5:30 pm
In this class designed for elementary school kids the students will create digital 2D and 3D art in a fun and exciting setting.
 $65/month and $10 material fee

3D Art and Animation
6th – 12th Grade
Thursdays 5:30 pm –  6:30 pm
In this class the students will create 3d models, animations, and effects to be put in their own 3d movies.
$65/month and $10 material fee

3D Design and Printing
Teens and Adults
Thursdays 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm
This class teaches teenagers and adults to create 3d objects in a 3d modeling program and then print them on the
3d printers. Students who take this class will have access to the 3d printers after the semester.
$65/month and $10 material fee

Instructor Clint Fleetwood