The Colquitt County Arts Center has developed a new category of membership just for all you artists out there. We want to support you in your artists endeavors and help you share your art with others.

Your $45 Artists Guild Membership provides you with

  • Headshot and profile on webpage
  • Artists spotlight on social media
  • Complimentary space at Artoberfest (October 7, 2017)
  • Invitation to participate in Christmas Shoppe
  • Opportunity to participate in Guild Exhibit(s)
  • Newsletter via email and social media updates
  • Invitations to select exhibit openings and events
  • Colquitt County Arts Center Decal

Come by the Arts Center today to sign up for an Artist Guild Membership, We look forward to seeing you real soon-where creativity finds community.

Our Members

Thomas W. Bishop, Jr.
Tom was encouraged to try painting with acrylics by John Dye, art director of University Christian High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Tom and his wife Jenny, moved to Moultrie in June of 2012.  They are active in Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Colquitt County.   In Moultrie, Tom met his current art teacher Sally Shovar Byers in March 2015 at the YMCA.  Sally introduced Tom to sketching at Shovar Studio and invited him to join her adult art class at the Colquitt County Art Center.  Sally Shovar then introduce Tom to painting with oils.   Today Tom continues to be amazed at the beauty of oil as a medium and continues to learn as a student at the Art Center and at Shovar Studios.




Alex Newton
Alex is a primarily self- taught artist who painted for herself and family for 15 years. When people came into her home they would ask to purchase her art. Finally, Alex decided to paint for the public in the fall of 2016. However, she admits she often has trouble parting with her art because it is so personal, and she is attached to each piece. She paints oil on canvas and loves pops of color hanging on the wall and brightening every space. She especially loves when people study her art and find hidden objects. Listening to others interpret her art is one of her favorite parts of the whole process.






Walter Hobbs
“When one combines the educational training of an art instructor and the professional development of a ceramics career oriented person, you are presented with a potter that is always evolving and researching new ways to express himself. Whether it be forms, glazes, firing processes, textures or uses, I have always pushed myself to take what I am doing today and use it as a basis for what it may become tomorrow. This approach allows my work to continue to be challenging, and thus rewarding to myself and by collectors” – Walter Hobbs, The Potter.