Cooking with Connie

Monday –Thursday  July 9-12      
10:30 pm – 12:30 pm
Open to ages 6-12 years old
Minimum 6 Participants /Maximum 10 Participants
$60 per child
Instructor Connie Fritz

Choice of water, milk or chocolate milk to drink each day. Children will assist with prep work and light cooking, setting the table, and sharing a meal. They will create a recipe book as we go through the week.

Personal Pizzas and Cake Pops
Pizzas with all the fixings- made just the way you like it! Everyone will enjoy making delicious cake pops!

Sammie Sushi’s & S’more’s
Sandwich rollups with turkey or ham and variety of cheeses cut into sushi style bites with ranch, honey mustard dipping sauces. Who doesn’t like a s’more? Made in the oven using crescent rolls marshmallows and chocolate!

Tacos – soft and crunchy shells with all the fixings. Cupcakes for dessert- try your hand using cake decorating tools.

Chicken and Veggie Stir Fry, Yum Yum! Pick and choose your veggies to customize this delicious dish. Delicious Brownies and make your own ice cream in a bag!