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Jekyll & Hyde
Performances: July 27th & 28th at 7:00 pm, July 29th at 2:00 pm.
All tickets $12
An evocative tale of two men – one, a doctor, passionate and romantic; the other, a terrifying madman – and two women – one, beautiful and trusting; the other, beautiful and trusting only herself– both women in love with the same man and both unaware of his dark secret. A devoted man of science, Dr. Henry Jekyll is driven to find a chemical breakthrough that can solve some of mankind’s most challenging medical dilemmas. Rebuffed by the powers that be, he decides to make himself the subject of his own experimental treatments, accidentally unleashing his inner demons along with the man that the world would come to know as Mr. Hyde.

Some content may be inappropriate for children under 13.

Upcoming Theatre Dates

Dreamgirls Auditions
Monday, July 23rd 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Open to all college age students and up.
Come with a prepared song- max 2 minutes and be prepared for a cold reading. A trio of black female soul singers crosses over to the pop charts in the early 1960s, facing their own persona struggles along the way. A work of fiction taking strong inspiration from the history of the Motown record label and one of its acts, The Supremes, the story follows the history and evolution of American R&B music during the 1960s and 1970s through the eyes of a Detroit, Michigan girl group known as the Dreams and their manipulative record executive.

Nevermore Auditions
Monday, August 13th
Performances: October 27th at 2:00 pm & 7:30 pm, October 28th at 2:00 pm.
Open to all students in 10th – 12th grades.
Come with a prepared song- max 2 minutes
and be prepared for a cold reading. Dark and dazzling, bizarre and beautiful, Nevermore – The Imaginary Life and Mysterious Death of Edgar Allan Poe is a unique opera-like musical play about one of the world’s most famous and fascinating writers. Through its use of stunning stagecraft, underscored verse, and haunting music. Nevermore blends fact and fiction to create a fascinating and moving theatrical experience that is difficult to describe, but impossible to forget.

ANNIE-Kids Auditions
Tuesday, August 14th 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm
Performances: October 12th at 7:00 pm, October 13th & 14th at 2:00 pm
All tickets $6
Open to Kindergarten to 5th Graders.
All students that audition will be included in the cast. Auditions will consist of group readings and group singing. Students will be given the opportunity to sing a short solo if they wish.

Seussical The Musical Auditions
Tuesday, September 11th 5:30 pm – 8:00 pm
Performances: November 9th and 10th at 7:00 pm, November 11th at 2:00 pm
Middle /Junior High
The Cat in the Hat tells the story of Horton, an elephant who discovers a speck of dust containing Whos, including Jojo, a Who child sent off to military school for thinking too many “thinks.” Horton faces a double challenge – not only must he protect the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, but he must guard an abandoned egg, left to his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird. Although Horton faces ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, the intrepid Gertrude McFuzz never loses faith in him. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, loyalty, family and community are challenged and emerge triumphant.