About Our Galleries

McCall Gallery

The McCall Gallery houses the William Frank McCall Jr. Permanent Collection. It is comprised of 72 works created by American Artists of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Contemporary Gallery

The Contemporary Gallery houses pieces from the Arts Center’s Contemporary Permanent Collection.
This collection is comprised of pieces created in a variety of mediums ranging from oil on canvas to carved
wooden sculpture. Depending on the exhibit currently on view in the Vereen Gallery and the time of the
year, the pieces from the Contemporary Collection on view in the Gallery vary.

Traverse Gallery

The Traverse Gallery is a gallery space that houses rotating exhibits. It was created to exhibit the works of students and local artists.

Vereen Gallery

The Vereen Gallery is the Arts Center’s main gallery that houses 6-8 week long exhibits. The themes of
the work on view in the Vereen Gallery are ever-changing and are expressed in a variety of different
mediums. Most work on view in this gallery is available for sale.

See the current and upcoming list of exhibits on our exhibits page.