Partnerships & Programs

YMCA Primetime Afterschool Programs
21st Century Community Learning Centers
United Way of Colquitt County
Georgia Council for the Arts
Moultrie Service League
Colquitt County Board of Education/Program for Exceptional Children
Golden Apple
Legacy Village at Regency Park
Southwest Georgia Community Action Council, Inc./Culbertson Head Start
Telamon Corporation Migrant Head Start
Volunteer Arts Alliance

Senior Adults Painting
Funded by the United Way. This program is offered to give senior adults on fixed or retired incomes an opportunity to explore visual arts with a focus on painting. The class meets for one hour per week. Individuals live beyond retirement age and wish to have a purpose filled life. Many embrace new activities like the arts to create a sense of purpose, keep their mind productive, promote hand-eye coordination, and exercise social and cognitive abilities, and concentration.

Summer Fine Arts Camp
Funded by the United Way. The Fine Arts Summer Camps are held for eight weeks beginning in June through the end of July. Each camp is Monday – Friday from 7:45 am to 6:00 pm. All camps receive structured arts education in visual and performing arts. A partnership with the Moultrie Recreational Department allows campers pool time for one hour each week at the community public pool. Campers perform and exhibit their works of art on Fridays for families and the public to attend.

Primetime Afterschool Art
Funded by the United Way. The Art in the Afternoon program incorporates fine arts into the YMCA’s existing Primetime afterschool program which allows for a creative experience that is essential in developing the whole child while also giving children an opportunity to express themselves, build self-confidence, and nurture and develop their creative abilities. An arts instructor visits each of the ten primetime site six times during the school year reaching approximately 500 students. Projects focus on exploring and building the basics of art
elements, drawing, and painting as well as clay building.

Senior Living Facilities Art Program
Funded by the United Way. This program visits two senior living facilities and the Senior Center to present a monthly in order to instruct visual arts. Family members of the Senior Living residents have expressed a strong desire to have art related programs offered for their loved ones. The Golden Apple and Legacy Village have expressed a great deal of interest for this added programming to their facilities. Residents enjoy participating in creating their own artwork and again, just as with the senior arts program, research demonstrates that the
imagination and creativity of older adults can flourish later in life, helping them to realize unique, unlived potentials, even when suffering from chronic diseases.

Arts, Books, and Children Grant Program
Funded by the United Way. Art, Books, & Children is an arts based early learning program designed to enhance creative thinking through literacy and hands-on- arts lessons. Activities will benefit preschoolers in reaching developmental milestones and boost school readiness skills. The program goals are to provide and nurture fundamental foundations of preschool development using literacy, visual and performing arts to enhance school readiness. Program objectives are to deliver on-site arts instruction twice a month to three year old preschool classes in Colquitt County. Each lesson will begin with a storybook time followed by hands-on exploration of the book using various visual and performing arts disciplines. All lessons and activities will meet several Georgia Early Learning and Development Standards that will support the growth of the whole child.

21st Century Community Learning Centers Afterschool Programs
Funded by 21st Century: There are 4 sites split into 4 sessions throughout the school year. Each site is on a 7 week rotation for 2.5 hours each week. The Arts Center offers two programs in the rotation: Visual arts and Mosaics. Students work on various hands on visual arts activities, including leather work, collages with found objects, drawing, etc as well as all aspects of creating a tile mosaic based on the children’s on art work. Each class lesson contains content to achieve the expectations of the Georgia Performance Standards of Visual Arts for students Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Colquitt County Library Storytime and Art
Funded by Colquitt County Library: In the summer of 2018, an art instructor will attend story time at the library in order to follow up with an art activity for one hour each week for 6 weeks. As stated in the Arts, Books, and Children Grant, according to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement, 69% of enrolled Pre-K students are at academic risk. This demonstrates the need for academic improvements and increased need for community partnerships to enhance early childhood learning. 15-20 toddler and school age children are expected to attend each week.

Moultrie Service League
The Service League provides funding for a special event for the students receiving services through special education in the Colquitt County schools. A special event for students is held each March. The Service League also provides funding for all second and fourth grade students in Colquitt County to visit the Arts Center for one day in order to tour and explore Arts Center and exhibits, learn art history, and create their own art work.