Artist Guild

The Colquitt County Arts Center has developed a new category of membership just for all you artists out there. We want to support you in your artists endeavors and help you share your art with others.

Your annual $45 Artists Guild Membership provides you with

  • Headshot and profile on webpage
  • Artists spotlight on social media
  • Complimentary space at Artoberfest
  • Invitation to participate in Christmas Shoppe
  • Opportunity to participate in Guild Exhibit(s)
  • Newsletter via email and social media updates
  • Invitations to select exhibit openings and events
  • Colquitt County Arts Center Decal

Come by the Arts Center today to sign up for an Artist Guild Membership, We look forward to seeing you real soon-where creativity finds community.


Our Members

Thomas W. Bishop, Jr.
Tom was encouraged to try painting with acrylics by John Dye, art director of University Christian High School in Jacksonville, Florida. Tom and his wife Jenny, moved to Moultrie in June of 2012.  They are active in Pleasant Hill Baptist Church of Colquitt County.   In Moultrie, Tom met his current art teacher Sally Shovar Byers in March 2015 at the YMCA.  Sally introduced Tom to sketching at Shovar Studio and invited him to join her adult art class at the Colquitt County Art Center.  Sally Shovar then introduce Tom to painting with oils.   Today Tom continues to be amazed at the beauty of oil as a medium and continues to learn as a student at the Art Center and at Shovar Studios.



Alex Newton
Alex is a primarily self- taught artist who painted for herself and family for 15 years. When people came into her home they would ask to purchase her art. Finally, Alex decided to paint for the public in the fall of 2016. However, she admits she often has trouble parting with her art because it is so personal, and she is attached to each piece. She paints oil on canvas and loves pops of color hanging on the wall and brightening every space. She especially loves when people study her art and find hidden objects. Listening to others interpret her art is one of her favorite parts of the whole process.




Walter Hobbs
“When one combines the educational training of an art instructor and the professional development of a ceramics career oriented person, you are presented with a potter that is always evolving and researching new ways to express himself. Whether it be forms, glazes, firing processes, textures or uses, I have always pushed myself to take what I am doing today and use it as a basis for what it may become tomorrow. This approach allows my work to continue to be challenging, and thus rewarding to myself and by collectors” – Walter Hobbs, The Potter.





Kim Yarbrough
Kim Yarbrough is the Program and Education Director for the Colquitt County Arts Center. She holds a BFA in Art and higher degrees in special education. She has been drawing and painting her whole life and continues to create mixed media paintings with wax, tar, found materials, and various types of paint. In the past year, she become interested in resin art and began making resin jewelry. She creates one of a kind pendants and rings, which can be purchased at the Colquitt County Arts Center Christmas Shoppe or can be commissioned by emailing


Anna Carlton
Anna Carlton grew up surrounded by a mother who was an amatuer painter and an aunt and uncle who were well-known artists. After graduating with a degree in art education from the University of Georgia, she began teaching middle school while continuing to work on three-dimensional art. Her work included basket-making, pottery, printmaking, clay and paper-mache sculpture masks, as well collages and painting. She taught art to all ages for the last 50 years.

Several years ago she had several cervical spinal surgeries that made her more anxious than ever to do art. In an effort to find a way to express herself, she studied watercolor with Joe McFadden at the Florida Art Center and Gallery in Havana, FL. She soon fell in love with the medium and found a new approach to the world of creativity.

Carlton has been fortunate to travel and study with several top U.S. watercolorists. Her paintings are influenced from the special techniques of each, plus a lifetime being a visual person with her interpretation  which is expressed in her painting at home everyday.

Her work has been exhibited in over 100 regional one-man and group shows, including the Tallahassee Watercolor society, Georgia Watercolor Society, Southern Watercolor Society, Georgia Arts with Disabilities, and the 2008 Women of the Pen Exhibit, Atlanta Branch. Her work is in a number of galleries, private and corporate collections. It can be seen on her website She has achieved Signature status in Tallahassee Watercolor Society and Southern Watercolor Society. Most recently, she has had her work in the Paint America Top 200, Paint the Parks Top 100 (and published in their book) as well as being published in Splash 11 New Directions, (National Watercolor Society.

Marsa Herod

After retiring  from nursing, Herod needed something to fill her time so she started taking a painting class through the Arts  Center with Kathy Nelson as her instructor and joined The Lions Club. She loves painting with acrylics and most of her paintings are freehand vs looking at a model of something and painting it.  She enjoy just mixing paints and seeing the picture unfold. When she is not painting , she enjoys doing different activities through the Lions Club that benefit the community and spending time with her great grand kids and cats.



Kathy Nelson
Kathy Nelson has been making art all her life. She was born and raised in Colquitt County and currently works as an instructor at the Colquitt County Arts Center. She lived in Atlanta for 18 years and owned a gallery, frame shop, and studio in the Atlanta area called the Academy Art Studios. She moved back to Colquitt County from Atlanta in 1993 then moved to Jacksonville to work at Shoshana Arts as the Art Director over the Fine Arts department for 5 years. She has since returned to the Arts Center and has worked in Moultrie ever since.

She enjoys painting spiritual pieces, favoring Impressionism that borders on a little bit of surrealism. Her primary medium is acrylics on canvas and board. She also paints murals, does hand building in ceramics, and commissions. Over the years, she has earned multiple awards in juried art exhibitions and        has been invited to the governor’s mansion to show an exhibit. She feels                                                                            blessed being able to do what she does and loves it.

Leah Garcia
Leah Eunice Garcia was born in Ft.Stewart, GA in 1989. She grew up in Moultrie,GA and went to Valdosta State University to study Studio Art in 2012. During her time at VSU, she fell in love with the exciting process of using high heat to create pieces in metals and ceramics, as well as, the bright dreamy effects achieved from watercolors. During college and after graduating with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts she worked as the Visual Arts Director at the Colquitt County Arts Center for 3 years. With the realization that she needed to be in the studio full time she joined Dustmade Studio to pursue her career as a professional artist. At Dustmade Studio she works as a studio potter, creating functional pieces that focus on organic colors and textures. When not in the studio, Leah works on watercolors. She enjoys creating commissioned pieces of people’s home or favorite landscape. She loves the way in which watercolor, as a medium, lends itself to creating airy, dreamy scenes. Leah also enjoys dabbling in metals, especially the copper enameling process. To her, the best part of creating is creating with other people. She is in love with her art community in South Georgia and takes pleasure in teaching workshops and classes in ceramics, painting, or copper enameling.

Kayce Ackerman
Kayce Ackerman began her sewing journey in 2013. She didn’t have any sewing knowledge or construction skills, but what she did have was a desire and passion to create. She started by modifying existing clothing to match her favorite characters before venturing into making her own patterns using the help of Youtube sewing tutorials. She enjoys the challenge every new costume brings, and finding unusual techniques to create unique pieces including props and clothing. Her favorite tool to work with is the soldering iron to make designs on fabric to create “lace”. She travels to conventions around Georgia and Florida every month to have fun with friends and to wear her costumes. She recently began competing in craftsmanship competitions which have earned her multiple rewards.


Jean Eaton Gay
Jean, a Georgia native from Moultrie, is an artist who enjoys painting with oils. She also enjoys sketching, hand building ceramics, and creating three dimensional designs using wire, wood, plaster of Paris, and various metals. She never strays far from Nature for inspiration, even when experimenting in the realm of abstraction.

Jean’s paintings and three dimensional designs have been shown at college galleries, cultural centers, competitive group exhibitions, and commercial galleries. Her paintings have appeared in numerous juried competitions throughout Georgia and northern Florida receiving multiple awards. She is also published annually in Pegasus, a literary magazine of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, with her work chosen in 2007 to appear on the front cover. In 2015 her painting “Backwaters of Little River” hung in the office of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal at the State Capital. In 2016 Jean’s breast cancer series titled “Survivorship, the Beginning of Courage” was shown in a group exhibition alongside selected works by renowned Georgia artist Lamar Dodd. She has been awarded the Women in the Arts Award by the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington D.C. She has also been commissioned twice to design the annual Christmas ornament for the Moultrie Downtown Merchants Association. Her works can be found in private and corporate collections.

Jean’s goal is to continue to adjust some medium in a way to make it more interesting and to keep busy as long as her fingers obey. She believes that if you are active in your life, achieving the most you can in your life, then you will be happy no matter where you are in that life.

AnnaBrooke Hill Greene
AnnaBrooke Hill Greene is a young artist from Moultrie, Ga currently studying Fine Art at Georgia Southern University with a 2-dimenisonal concentration alongside a creative writing minor. Studying at GSU, she enjoys pursuing her artistic career by exploring the variety of art she can create. Studying painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics, she also writes creatively alongside her artwork: from writing prose poems for her art, short stories, and more.

In all of her personal projects, AnnaBrooke explores the natural world met by modern-day society. She specifically works to celebrate the beauty and maternity of both women and earth through her common female and floral imagery. Her work commonly shows a strong illustrative contrast as she loves to play with the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms. Through her diverse range of mediums, all of her works are linked through their subject matter, expressive quality, and formal choices.

AnnaBrooke is very involved with both her school and Moultrie hometown community. At GSU, AnnaBrooke takes pleasure in being a leader in Print, Paper, and Book Arts Society Club open to students of all majors. It brings her joy to share art appreciation and education with others. AnnaBrooke is thankful to be the recipient of several honors, including the Betty Foy Sanders Department of Art 1st Place Award of 2018. In Moultrie Ga, she has enjoyed making work for the G.E.A.R. School, Moultrie Public Library, YMCA, and more. AnnaBrooke also enjoys making commissions, working with individuals to create work uniquely for them. She feels blessed to be a part of the art world which allows us to connect with ourselves, each other, and our community.

Vince I Moore Jr. 
Vince is a self taught artist who has loved art for years. He is also a veteran who served in the United States Army for 20 years. He found himself back into the art world with the support of his wife Carmen Moore and encouraged his second oldest son Quentin Moore to chase his dreams in the art world. Vince loves to paint acrylic paint on canvas as well as watercolor, charcoal, and pen and ink and pencil, but prefers spending his time doing mostly watercolor art. Several years ago, he had a heart bypass surgery, and in the same year, was put on dialysis going on 5 years now. Vince is part of a veteran program called Veteran Artist Program (VAP) with other disabled military veterans. He hopes to bring a fresh new look into Moultrie.


Kim Mazzilli
After 5 semesters in Virginia Commonwealth University’s art department, Mazzilli dropped out and worked in a graphic design studio. This was
pre-computer era and all of the work was done by hand. She later apprenticed with a sign painter and worked as a muralist/sign painter for over 15 years, raising two awesome little-now-big boys at the same time. In her 30’s she went back to school and became a public school ART teacher and taught students for 20 years.

Now Mazzilli is retired. She is a grandmother and helps her husband work on blueprints. She has a home studio where she does her creative work.

Virginia Lowman
Virginia was born and raised in Colquitt County. She lived in Pittsburgh, PA for many years where she took her first basket class at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. She has also taken basketry classes at John C. Campbell Folk School focusing on coiled pine needle baskets. She has won awards at the Georgia National Fair and been an Artist in Residence there twice. She has also won an award at Spring Into Art in Valdosta. She believes in working with sustainable materials such as sweetgrass and lemongrass. She is experimenting in weaving baskets using plants considered weeds – like wiregrass and do fennel. She enjoys seeing the lowly pine straw turned into something of beauty.