Celebrate! Holiday Skits and Songs

Join us in celebrating the holidays with themed skits and songs to ignite the Christmas spirit. This community show is sponsored by United Way and is free to the public.

Colquitt County Arts Center
Performance: Monday, December 17th at 7:00 pm

Tickets are Free and available at the Arts Center!

List of Performances:

Song- Hawaiian Christmas
Katie Aufenthie- Piano Christmas
History of Christmas Songs
John Neely Silent Night on guitar
Song- Mary Did You Know
Violin Students Performance
Show Choir

Skit- The 13th Cookie
In this play, which is based on an old Dutch New York folktale that tells how a “baker’s dozen” came to be, the baker and his cat are happy to make money during the holidays. One Christmas Eve, an old woman comes to visit and demands more than a dozen cookies, but wants to pay for only twelve. The baker refuses to share and insults the woman, who curses him. Soon, everything goes wrong, and the baker is near despair when he remembers the spirit of the season and calls on Saint Nicholas for help. The baker – and his cat – learn a lesson in giving and sharing.

Skit- Santa’s Cookie Problem
Santa and his elves all love to play practical jokes. This time, however, the joke is on Santa. His elves have swapped out his regular Santa costume for a smaller one. Santa and Mrs. Claus think he is eating too many cookies, but the elves know better.

Skit – The Sole of Christmas
Based on The Elves and the Shoemaker tale. A poor shoemaker and his wife are about to lose their home when three elves turn up to help secretly. Each night, the elves make wonderful new shoes, and each day, the shoemaker wonders where his good fortune comes from. Will the shoemaker be able to succeed without help? And will he learn how to share his good fortune with the magical beings?