The Arts Center has 4 main galleries which include the Vereen Gallery, McCall Gallery, Traverse Gallery and the Contemporary Gallery.

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Current Exhibits


John (Steve) Newton
Closes September 29th
Traverse Gallery

John S. Newton (Steve) was born and raised in Colquitt County and graduated from Moultrie High School in 1970. The self-taught artist now lives in rural Effingham County, Georgia.

After graduating from the University of Georgia’s Grady School of Journalism, Newton spent 20 years in advertising, then launched La Voz Latina, a monthly bilingual newspaper for South Georgia’s Hispanic community in 2002. He retired two years ago.

Fascinated by the vivid colors associated with Hispanic culture, Newton combines acrylic paints with aluminum cans and bottle caps to create his mixed media works.

Paul Schumacher
Closes September 30th
The Square Restaurant
25 1st St SE, Moultrie, GA
Tuesday – Friday, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm
Tuesday – Saturday, 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Colorful acrylic paintings featuring recognizable locations around Moultrie.

Paul became interested in graphic art during his senior year at Williston Northampton School located in Easthampton, Massachusetts. His teacher was Barry Moser who has been considered the leading woodcut engraver in the United States for decades.

After a brief period attending Boston University in 1969, Paul transferred to New York Phoenix School of Design located in New York City. It is now part of Pratt Institute. He left school after two years to pursue an independent career in fine arts painting focusing on the Abstract Expressionism School and maintained a studio in White Plaines, NY for ten years.

He then married and raised a family developing a successful career in business and business management that lasted until he retired and moved to Moultrie, Georgia in 2015. He currently works in a studio here in the city and is enthusiastically pursuing his artwork in our wonderful community.

Kim & Joe Mazzilli
Closes September 30th
2050 Tallokas Rd, Moultrie, GA

Kim Mazzilli – Artist’s Biography

After working on a communication arts degree at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond Virginia, Kim spent 15 years doing graphics, sign lettering, and large wall murals. Finishing a BA in art education at Flagler College in Saint Augustine Florida (and later a MsEd at Old Dominion University in Norfolk Virginia), Kim taught art in the public-school systems in Florida and Virginia for 20 years. Now retired, Kim spends her time being a grandmother and a studio artist at her home studio here in Moultrie. Kim creates hand-built pottery, collages, and paintings.

Joseph Mazzilli – Artist’s Biography
Joseph dabbled in art since childhood, but without much in the way of formal training until retirement. While working toward his B.A. at Princeton University, he took two semesters of Life Sculpture with Joe Brown. He was as intrigued as much by Professor Brown as by the class. Brown was a former boxer with a glass eye, and with a rough demeanor that belied his ability to capture the grace of a ballerina posing au pointe, or the very souls of some of his famous subjects, such as Robert Frost, Thomas Wolfe, and Arthur Ashe. During his career in commercial construction management, Joseph only occasionally found time for art, with the hope of taking formal classes in retirement. Since retiring in Moultrie, Joseph has taken classes for the first couple of years with Thomas M. Thomson in Havana, FL, and for the next couple of years with Thomas’s brother Ron Thomson in Thomasville, GA. Joseph feels he still has a lot more to learn as an artist. But he senses that he has at least finally crossed that great divide, when starting a painting or drawing, between how he hopes it will turn out and how it actually turns out.

Southern Arts Invitational
August 26th – October 29th, 2021
Vereen Gallery

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This exhibition provides artists working in all mediums with the opportunity to participate in this annual regional exhibition. Selections for awards will be based on a juried review, which is conducted without the knowledge of the artists’ identity, title, or price of work.

Southern Arts Invitational


Upcoming Exhibits

November 11th – December 17th, 2021
Vereen Gallery

Mark Errol ceramics and 2D works

Mark Errol graduated from Georgia State University in 2014 with his MFA where he was the recipient of the Ernest G. Welch Fellowship. Mark accepted the position of lecturer in 2015 at Valdosta State University in Valdosta, GA where he teaches Ceramics, Foundation 3D design as well as Professional Preparations for budding artists and Senior Presentation. Errol has taught at Arrowmont, has assisted numerous artists at Penland School of Craft and has taught workshops at The University of Alabama, East Tennessee State University and other recognized art centers around the Southeast.

Mark lives in Tifton, GA where he maintains his studio and is the co-owner of Plough Gallery with Glenn Josey where they concentrate on ceramics, glass and other craft-centric media. Focused on education, highlighting fine craft and art, Mark has curated shows as well at Signature Handmade Gallery in Atlanta. His work has been featured in exhibitions both nationally and internationally and has been published in Studio Potter and Ceramics Monthly magazines as well as other regional and nationally circulated publications. The work he makes investigates the relationships of architecture, interior design, and personal narratives as related to both social and cultural questions of value, space and wanting more.