The Arts Center has 4 main galleries which include the Vereen Gallery, McCall Gallery, Traverse Gallery and the Contemporary Gallery. All exhibits are free and open to the public during operating hours. M-F 10 am – 5:30 pm

Illustrious Expressions: An Exploration of Imagination and Reality
August 23rd – November 2nd
Opening August 23rd 6pm – 8pm

Vereen Gallery
An Exploration of Imagination and Reality is a collaborative exhibition featuring both functional and decorative works in glass. The goal of Illustrious Expressions is to create a conversation in which the viewer begins to question the relationship between the imaginative world and reality.
Featuring the works of:

Devan Cole:
Lisa Mote:
Sarah Vaughn:

Through the Looking Glass
July 26th – August 24th
Traverse Gallery
A Collection of Creative Works by AnnaBrooke Greene.

AnnaBrooke Hill Greene is a young artist from Moultrie, Ga currently studying Fine Art at Georgia Southern University with a 2-dimenisonal concentration alongside a creative writing minor. Studying at GSU, she enjoys pursuing her artistic career by exploring the variety of art she can create. Studying painting, drawing, printmaking and ceramics, she also writes creatively alongside her artwork: from writing prose poems for her art, short stories, and more.

In all of her personal projects, AnnaBrooke explores the natural world met by modern-day society. She specifically works to celebrate the beauty and maternity of both women and earth through her common female and floral imagery. Her work commonly shows a strong illustrative contrast as she loves to play with the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms. Through her diverse range of mediums, all of her works are linked through their subject matter, expressive quality, and formal choices.