The Arts Center has 4 main galleries which include the Vereen Gallery, McCall Gallery, Traverse Gallery and the Contemporary Gallery.

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M – F 10 am – 5:30 pm
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Southern Arts Invitational

September 10 – October 30, 2020
Open Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm

Arts Center Vereen Gallery

The Southern Arts Invitational located in the Vereen Gallery, provides regional and local artists working in all mediums with the opportunity to participate in the annual exhibition. Selections for awards were based on a juried review, which was conducted without the knowledge of the artists’ identity, title, or price of work.

First Place
 – Save Me the Red Chair by Mary Vanlandingham
Second Place – Keeping in the Good Luck by Scott Marini
Third Place – Autumn Dreams and I by Mary Wicks
Honorable Mentions:
Redpole by Jean Eaton Gay
Sunchaser by Dave Richards
War Cry by Lawrence Tobe

Sinker Dogwood by Carl Turnage

Gathering Shadows

September 10 – October 30, 2020
Open Monday – Friday 10 am – 5:30 pm

Arts Center Traverse Gallery

Paul became interested in graphic art during his senior year at Williston Northampton School located in Easthampton, Massachusetts. His teacher was Barry Moser who has been considered the leading woodcut engraver in the United States for decades.

After a brief period attending Boston University in 1969, Paul transferred to New York Phoenix School of Design located in New York City. It is now part of Pratt Institute. He left school after two years to pursue an independent career in fine arts painting focusing on the Abstract Expressionism School and maintained a studio in White Plaines, NY for ten years.

He then married and raised a family developing a successful career in business and business management
that lasted until he retired and moved to Moultrie, Georgia in 2015. He currently works in a studio here in the
city and is enthusiastically pursuing his artwork in our wonderful community.

Paul Schumacher Digital Exhibit

Upcoming Exhibits

The Art in Bugs/Bugs in the Arts
November 5th – December 18th, 2020

Vereen & Traverse Galleries

We swat them, we squash them, we spray them with poison—-EWWW…BUGS! But are they truly to be reviled, or is there something to be admired in them? Sometimes, in our human-centric way of viewing the world, we overlook things—often little, seemingly ordinary things—of beauty, or that help create beauty, in the world around us. One of those things is bugs!

Through beautiful photographs by respected nature photographers from near and far, as well as illustrated texts and materials, this exhibit will help you discover the many fascinating ways bugs contribute to the arts. You’ll be surprised to find bugs themselves that are works of art! You’ll be delighted at how bugs create works of Art…architecture, music, dance. You’ll be amazed at how bugs have influenced human Arts: literature, music, fashion, film, dance, architecture. And we hope that after viewing the exhibit instead of saying “Ewww…Bugs!” you will say “Wow! Bugs!”The Art of Bug exhibit is on loan from the Tifton Museum of Arts and Heritage and will be featured in our Vereen Gallery. While our Traverse gallery will showcase the exhibit Creepy Crawlies which highlights pieces from students in our classes held at the arts center depicting their interpretation of bugs in art.