Hand Molding Workshop

Make a keepsake that will last forever with lifecasting at the Colquitt County Arts Center. Join hands with your partner inside of a mold and then fill it with plaster for a memorable piece of art. Featuring two casting sizes for all ages, supplies included. Sign up for an hour time slot to create an artfully made keepsake today. We will be offering this workshop through the month of June!

$30 for small mold
$40 for large mold

The size of the mold will depend on the size of your hand(s).

Call 229-985-1922 to schedule a date and time or fill out the form below!

May - June

Monday - Friday

|10:30 am - 4:00 pm|

The size of the mold will depend on the size of your and your guests' hands. Please select the size option that best describes you. If you select the small mold, an upgrade may be required when you attend and the remaining balance will be due.

Small Mold: 2 small adults, 2 children
Large Mold: man & woman, family of 3

By signing this form as attending, I acknowledge that the Arts Center will not assume any responsibility for any injury incurred while participating in any program or event or liable for lost or stolen items while on the Arts Center's grounds. I also give permission that any photography or videography taken during the event, which may include a child, may be used for promotional purposes as deemed appropriate by the staff of The Colquitt County Arts Center.

* Only Paypal payments are accepted. Please make sure you have an account with an attached card before making a payment.

* Credit, Debit, Check and Cash payments can be made in the main office open M-F 10 am - 5:30 pm.

*Payments are non refundable. If there are extenuating circumstances please notify us.