Monday Makers

Come and explore your creativity! Each Monday there will be a new project to try as well as free time to create on your own! Guest teachers will provide instruction.

4:00 pm – 5:30 pm
Open to children ages 6-10

$50 per student/month                
Limit 12 students
All supplies included

September 10th
Make Poster Board Portfolio
Begin creating cement stepping stones
Free Create

September 17th
Finish Stepping Stones
Free Create
September 24th
Jackson Pollock Group Project
Watercolor Circle Art
Free Create

The Colquitt County Arts Center is excited to announce our new class for children- Monday Makers Studio. Our Monday Makers will have guided creative experiences as well as free style experiences. We could use some help stocking this class so if you have any of the following you would like to donate please drop off at the Arts Center by Tuesday, September 4th. These don’t have to be new supplies- they can be partial rolls of tape, leftover floss, etc.

  • Embroidery Floss                            Wood blocks
  • Old telephone wire                          Felt
  • Pipe cleaners                                   Fabric scraps
  • Popsicle sticks                                Plastic shoe crates
  • Scrapbook supplies                        Play doh
  • Paper of all kind                              Modeling Clay
  • Magnets                                           Legos
  • Colorful duct tapes                         Spirograph
  • Straws                                               Toothpicks
  • Rubber Bands                                  Yarn
  • Craft supplies of any kind              Greeting Cards
  • Knitting needles                               Smooth hand size rocks
  • Crochet Hooks                                 Embroidery hoops
  • Mod Podge                                       Magnets
  • Musical Instruments                       Scissors
  • Glues-liquid & sticks                        Beads-all shapes and sizes
  • Sharpies                                            Color Pencils
  • Rulers                                                Measuring tapes
  • Yard sticks                                        Paints
  • Ribbons                                             Lace
  • Paper tubes- all sizes                     Perler beads and forms
  • Plastic canvas                                 Old CD’s