To sign up for music lessons, call the instructor of your choice. They will work out a schedule with you and answer any questions you may have. Then fill out a registration form by visiting our office open M-F 10 am – 5:30 pm.


Ken Collier                229-985-1495
$75 per month         30 min lessons


Cody Cone              229-402-6233
$50 per month        1 hour lessons

Violin & Piano

Oana Potur                  850-264-0954
$120 per month          30 min lessons

In addition to a Bachelor and Master of Music in Viola Performance, Ms. Potur has a Doctor of Music in Viola Performance from The Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. She is currently Music Instructor at Gillionville Church in Albany teaching violin, viola, and piano to students of various levels and ages.

Ms. Potur plays with a variety of Orchestras including Albany Symphony Orchestra, Valdosta Symphony Orchestra, and Northwest Florida Symphony Orchestra to name a few.  She has received extensive honors and awards throughout her career.

                                     **Mask and sanitation required for all lessons**


Cat Neely                 229-891-1063
$50 per hour long lesson
$25 per 30 minute long lesson

Neely has been teaching guitar, bass, ukulele, and piano for over 10 years. He has experience teaching all ages and skills levels. Fluent in rock, jazz, folk, blues, country, metal, pop, and many other styles, Neely can easily teach you what YOU want to learn! Classically trained, Neely has deep music theory, arranging, and composition knowledge for those who are looking to write their own music. For those who want to form a band, but don’t know what to do, Neely can help organize and lead band practices to help bring out the best in your performances.


Aaron Reynolds                    229-454-6806
$160 per month                   (4) hour long lessons
Aaron received his Bachelor of Music Pedagogy and Performance from Point University, West Point, GA where he received the Athletic Marching Scholarship, Athletic Merit Scholarship and Pell Grant.

In his own words, Aaron says, “My goal as an instructor is to ensure my students first enjoy and fall in love with drumming, and secondly constantly improve and cultivate their skills so that they may be better than just the average drummer.”

Aaron attributes his passion and education in percussion to several percussion instructors, including: Nick Angelis (Clinics) Aaron Savage, Andrew Lightner, and Deron Garing. Some other instructors have been Lanier Motes, Cindy Wilson, Chapel McCullough, Travis Kern, and Liz Savage. Aaron will instruct students of all levels.

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