Birthday Parties

The Arts Center is a great place for celebration! Hosts will have the opportunity to choose from a variety of parties that guests will enjoy, or they are welcome to create their own theme that will perfectly match the birthday boy/girl interests! For more information about hosting your own party at the Arts Center please call 229-985-1922.

Paint Parties: Each guest will receive all supplies provided to paint a picture chosen by the birthday boy/girl. All room rental, supplies and instruction are included.
Includes: Gallery wrapped canvas, paints and brushes to use and instruction
$20 per guest

Pick & Paint Parties: Host or guests will choose a piece of pre-fired bisque ware to be painted.Guests will leave the piece to be fired and the host will be responsible for picking up the fired pieces to deliver to guests- or guests can be instructed by the host to pick up the pieces.
Includes: Ceramic pieces, glaze and brushes
$10 and up (price per guest based on the item to be painted) + Instructor fees apply

Dress Up Tea Party: Dresses, shoes, hats and boas are provided for dress up fun. Guests will decorate an acrylic picture frame and have their photo taken in dress up finery as a memento of the party.
Includes: Dress up clothes, full table setting for tea, picture frame to decorate during party and picture of each child.
$15 per guest

Design Your Own Theme: Create your own party based on what your child enjoys the most!
Price to be agreed upon by the host and instructor.


Venues include the Big Arts Studio, Dance Studio, Small Arts Studio, Theatre Area, the Children’s Kaleidosope Museum. Please refer to our Rental page for more information about the available spaces.

Parties must have a 10 child minimum and are limited to 2 hours.

The Arts Center Will Provide:

  • Exclusive use of space for the party.
  • Room will be made available one hour before the start of the party for set up time.
  • Tables, chairs, and seating for adults accompanying children.

The Host Will:

  • Pay a $50 non-refunadble $50 deposit. The deposit can be applied to a rescheduled party within 30 days depending on instructor availability.
  • Submit a final head count of all attending guests at least one week prior to the party date. This number will determine the final const of the party. Supplies are purchased based on this number.
  • Provide all food, drinks, and party goods for the party. The Arts Center does not provide your cakes, drinks and decorations.
  • Pay final fee at close of the party.

Call the Arts Center at 229-985-1922 for more information to schedule your party!