Robin Redding Violin and Piano Classes


Robin Redding’s students come from a wide variety of ages and experience, and she believes nobody is too young or too old to create and enjoy music. She incorporates activities and games to make music a positive, active experience for young children. Group lessons provide opportunities for children to learn ensemble skills as well as experience camaraderie in their music learning. She combines music reading with improvisation and ear training for a holistic approach to learning how to play. She is also passionate about helping students develop successful life skills, such as intrinsic motivation, tenacity, and self-discipline, through the habit of music practice.

If you would like to learn more, contact Robin directly to join her waiting list. CCAC is in the process of expanding its music programming.


A positive, creative and exploratory first introduction to music for 3-5 year olds in a group setting.

The program incorporates piano playing and provides great preparation for more traditional piano lessons. It is also beneficial for children who will go on to study other instruments as the children will be exploring pitch, patterns and rhythm. Each class is approximately 45 minutes.

Want more information? Fill out the form below or call the Arts Center at 229-985-1922 and get on our contact list so you can be the first to know when class sign-ups open! The contact list in no way obligates you for this class; it is simply a way for us to reach out to parents / caregivers to provide more information and to find a class time that works for the majority.