The Arts Center provides enrichment for the entire community. From learning to entertainment, we have been inspiring people of all ages, cultures and backgrounds to follow their creative passion within our walls and outside it. A diverse set of outreach programs allow us to reach communities such as senior centers, schools, and others that lack a formal art program. 

Our art exhibits are always free and open to everyone to browse. The Traverse gallery is a space designed to promote local artists. 

We promote family with events designed for children and parents while also celebrating art. Events such as Artoberfest provide activities, vendor spaces, and performances for children to enjoy and local artists to promote themselves and their craft. 

In Peril
From high school hijinks to high art museum, we preserve a piece of the town’s history in what was formally the Moultrie High School. It has become a popular place for student reunions and former students to reminisce about their school days.

In 2018, the Colquitt County Arts Center was listed as one of the 10 places in Peril by the Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.  Places in Peril sites have been identified as worth preserving for generations to come. For many years general maintenance of this nearly 100 year old building was deferred — not out of neglect, but out of necessity.  Money was tight and programming on site and outreach were the priorities! Now some of that deferred maintenance is beginning to catch up with us and we have to make restoration and preservation a priority.

How can you help?
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